STAGflation: Medieval Edition

Like medieval barbers, they "cured" inflation by killing businesses with tight money and high interest rates. Starring Milton Friedman and Fed Chair Paul Volcker.

Handcuffs of my Toughened Shoes

(The following cut up prose was completely computer generated using my proprietary GYSINscript software–M.L. Rudolph)​ Handcuffs of my toughened shoes. The pussy pavement whips me degraded shoe leather emasculated rolled craps I'm less than broke and the cigarettes bum me. Mary Virago Married Vance Marie remarried. Supper, sure what? Fuddruckers? They closed. The Fridge? I don't have “Stoolgang Puck” & his gourmet cardboard slabs how ‘bout a nutritive enema as a change o’ pace just kidding what else, Stouffer’s––so please Mary I don't know who can have what they don't know. I work, relieved to pay. I don't know who can't have what they do know. I don't know eggsalad divorce. Who's getting th

Flint Water

POPULATION TERMINATION is an emotional topic; however, we believe emotion is the enemy of successful investing. One of the challenges of democide and command responsibility is plausible deniability. "Quick fixes" may be satisfying in the short term, but we are playing the long game. We abhor brute tactics: they don't make for good optics, and they don't make for good policy. Why make a spectacle when the answer can be literally under your feet? When The Republicans came to us, they were the dogs who finally caught the proverbial coons, so to speak. OK, we have dictatorial control. what do we do now? We assessed the situation, and then pulled the old switcheroo. Disruption and creative destru

Ayn Rand meets the Marquis de Sade

(Warning: contains "adult" language .) A MASH UP OF QUOTES FROM AYN RAND’S ATLAS SHRUGGED AND SADE’S 120 DAYS OF SODOM (CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE??) Ayn Rand is the favorite philosopher of middle class kids worldwide who had a particularly hysterical reaction when they were told by their parents “you must share.” Lo and behold, Rand penned a manifesto called “The Virtue of Selfishness.” Rand gave the exiting promise of being able to throw off the yoke of Judeo-Christian guilt and still be a goody two shoes: an “ethical” selfish person. The Marquis de Sade was under no such obligation. He anticipated Social Darwinism and “Objectivism” with one difference; he ditched the whole “virtue” prete

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We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage your blog like a boss! First Publish your site, then login directly to your live website on desktop or mobile. Make sure you sign in with your Wix account, so you’ll be logged in as the admin to your blog. You can manage your blog and post from your live website. Just log in to your blog with your Wix account. Now you’re ready to write, edit and manage posts. Just click Create a Post and hit Publish. That’s it. It’s live for all your readers to see. Plus, you can manage all your post comments too - see what people are saying, like or delete comments & more. If you’ve been working on a post and want to come back to it later, save it as a d

Design a Stunning Blog

Your Wix Blog comes with 8 beautiful layouts to choose from. Whether you prefer a trendy postcard look or you’re going for a more editorial style blog - there’s something stunning for everyone. From your blog's settings, choose a layout for your blog feed that suits your style. For example, a tiled layout is popular for helping visitors easily discover more posts that interest them. Or, choose a classic single column layout that lets readers scroll down and see your post topics one by one. The full post layout opens the entire post in an endless scroll. Every layout comes with the latest social features built in. Readers will be able to easily share posts on social networks like Facebook and

Blog on the Go

With Wix Blog you can do everything from your phone: write posts, follow members, manage comments & more. After you publish simply go to your live site on mobile and log in with with your Wix account. Front row at a fashion show? Just ate the best pasta ever? Tell the world right away! You can post anywhere, anytime from your phone whenever inspiration strikes. Create new posts, edit existing ones, save drafts or publish - you can do it all, even when you’re away from your desk. Your work will automatically look and work great on both desktop and mobile. #vacation

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Categories are a great way to keep your posts organized. They also help visitors explore more content that interests them. Every time you write a post, you can add it up to 3 different categories. Those categories will then appear in your blog’s navigation menu, so choose categories that you normally post about and also serve as the main topics of your blog, e.g., Food, Fashion, Travel, etc. Each category of your blog has its own page that’s fully customizable. Add a catchy title, a brief description and a beautiful image to the category page header. Here’s a tip: For easy navigation, it’s best to keep your category names short – 1 to 2 word titles. And for a clean look on your blog’s naviga

Grow Your Blog Community

With Wix Blog, you’re not only sharing your voice with the world, you can also grow an active online community. Readers can become engaged members of your blog who like to share their thoughts, ideas and discover interesting people. See All Your Members Readers can easily sign up to become members of your blog and get a personal profile page. Members can follow one another and be followed, they can check out each other’s profiles, see what people have liked or commented on, and get notifications. You can view all blog members by clicking the Members icon in the login bar. Tip: To quickly find individual members, use the Member search bar and sort by option. #dream

How to Delete This Post

Ready to delete this post and add your own? You can do it when you’re logged in to your live site or in Preview Mode. Simply click on the More Options icon (the 3 dots that appears on the post) and hit Delete Post. You can also head to Settings > Manage Posts and delete any post from there. We recommend you first explore what you can do in this blog layout. Click through the category pages to discover some of the great features this blog has to offer and learn a few blogging tips along the way!

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Adding images and videos to your posts is a great way to grab readers’ attention. Writing a text post? You can style it too with bold, italics, quotes & more! Looking for fresh design options? Then we’ve got you covered. Make each post look exactly the way you want by styling your text. Images & Videos You can also customize the look of your videos and images. Make them widescreen or small - whatever you prefer. You have complete control of how your post will look on desktop and mobile. Paragraph Alignment You can align your paragraphs left, right or center and place them to the right or left of your images. Subtitles & Quotes Add subtitles to let readers easily skim longer posts or quotes t

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Love to #hashtag? Good news! You can add tags (#vacation #dream #summer) throughout your posts to reach more people. Why hashtag? Hashtags are like labels for content that people can search with to find relevant posts. Using hashtags can expand your post reach and help people find the content that matters to them. So go ahead and #hashtag away! Tip: Use hashtags to describe what your post is about.

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Adding writers is a great way to bring more fresh and diverse content to your blog. Whether you’re running a small business or a large magazine publication, add multiple writers to grow your content and keep it fresh and diversified. You know what they say, content is king so bringing more contributing voices to the topic at hand is an effective way of turning your blog into a thriving online community. You can turn any existing member into a writer for your blog and manage them. Writers can create new posts and manage their comments. Here’s how to do it: Head to your Member’s Page Search the member you want to make a writer Click on the member’s profile Click the 3 dot icon on the Follow bu

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