Depravity Amok!

Like to ignite your farts for laffs? Play with fire and say hello to your new little friend, the irrigation pouch.

50 Shades of Jared

"Mr. Kushner will see you now" said the secretary on top of the top floor of 666 5th Avenue. I noticed that my crotch was already damp with anticipation: the air conditioner duct above me had been leaking and pooling water into my seat. "Sorry about that. Jared is very cost conscious. He bought the ducts when they scrapped the Deutsche Bank building and…the pieces don't really fit together! I felt something sticky and familiar. "Hon, a piece of duct tape fell on your head, let me get that for you." The secretary snatched the grey gluey thing, ripping some hair from my head in the process. Sheepishly, she repeated, "Mr. Kushner will see you now." He sat at his desk. His blank intense eyes sta

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