Flint Water

POPULATION TERMINATION is an emotional topic; however, we believe emotion is the enemy of successful investing.

One of the challenges of democide and command responsibility is plausible deniability. "Quick fixes" may be satisfying in the short term, but we are playing the long game. We abhor brute tactics: they don't make for good optics, and they don't make for good policy. Why make a spectacle when the answer can be literally under your feet?

When The Republicans came to us, they were the dogs who finally caught the proverbial coons, so to speak. OK, we have dictatorial control. what do we do now?

We assessed the situation, and then pulled the old switcheroo. Disruption and creative destruction take many forms. Pace Susan Sontag, we believe illness IS a metaphor. The belief that people with cancer and neurotoxicity have “cancerous personalities” and “brought it on themselves” is a powerful propaganda tool. Most importantly, we informed our clients of the “DD&P” strategy:


DENY: "Smell, what smell? Taste, what taste? Color? Why that's just natural sedimentation!"

DODGE: “An inadvertent event. Unforeseen. A comedy of errors, bizarre! A chain of events BUT this chain was broken a long time ago.”

PIVOT: Americans have an abiding faith in personal responsibility. Use that faith as a weapon to pivot. Note this was only the final event caused by a multi-generational lack of fiscal and personal responsibility. Co-opt the language of so-called "institutionalized racism" to blame institutions, not individuals. Emphasize that "this was a failure at all levels of government." De-emphasize that Republicans had taken dictatorial control of local municipalities and inflate the Federal Government's failure, particularly that of the EPA. Euphemistically refer to "The Flint Crises" or "The Whole Affair." These are power pivots that suggest a natural phenomenon occurred and not an intentional act.

Americans are situationally compassionate yet have mercifully short attention spans. Compassion fatigue and victim shaming are your long-term friends. The more complex a narrative of woe is, the less invested in empathy our nation becomes.

Civilization has always dealt with burdensome populations. Sophistication, finesse, and patience can mean the difference between a drab room at The Hague and a suite at The Trump International. We are proud that our clients The K*** Brothers, and Gov. S. are above suspicion. We are proud the "G" word has not been mentioned. It has long been our dream to force populations to pay for their own "handling." We did it!

BBPMS provides innovative solutions in democide and command responsibility. This includes such services as computerized tracking, barcode pigmentation, humane terminal end services and efficient Green-Friendly® disposal.

We are BERGEN-BELSON POPULATION SERVICES, a very limited liability company since 1942.

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