NYC "Swingers" Prefer High Thread Count Noose!

Right of the copy: Xinhua free from freedom press

O USA! O New Yorkers! Life so rich nonexistence biggest luxury of them all! Buy KATE SPADE handbags at discount price her work was done and she walked into scarf and fell dead. High thread count scarf and skinny body important key to action death on tight schedule. Type of the A’s get the job done! Get child off to school, and die quick before maid show up! She got more done by 10AM than snoozers & losers!

Anthony Bourdain, taster of food for Cable News When News Not On Show tasted it all and wiped final face. French philosophers so silly, “Life exist then not exist so what point anyway?” Vassar man say, “It’s a lot to wrap your head around,” we’ll say that again! Tony went to parts unknown with high thread count bathrobe belt. Punk orchestra Iggy & The Stooges sang “no fun to be alive” but stooge is silly person point missed much?

RAW SILK SCARF from LILY SILK has strongest 40 mm “momme” count. High momme count best choice for suicide mommy KATE SPADE.

Much paradox puzzle! Must eat healthy exercise at gym so I so skinny can hang by 40 mm silk scarf from doorknob no less. In riddle to daughter KATE SPADE questioned, “Go ask daddy & his young new girlfriend for explanation why Mommy no longer breathing?” That is a paradox aggressive of passive epistle! Some say she sold company too soon and was sad to be mere double digit millionaire, but also it means shoppers can buy KATE SPADE so cheap online now that brand cheerleader has expired.

TONY BOURDAIN DRESSES "DOWN" IN BOCA TERRY ROBE? Looking for bathrobe that really “hangs in there?” BOCA TERRY is brand that won’t let you down! Caution, high thread count alone won’t do the job if company uses cheap cotton. In contrast BOCA TERRY uses “combed cotton” perfect match for Anthony Bourdain hairdo. 100% combed cotton terry strong enough for big tall man remember Saddam Hussein? His noose was big as truck tire! Of course even BOCA TERRY won’t break neck for quick death good thing Tony quit smoking so he could asphyxiate smoothly.


So lecture us more you American persons about this freedom that is so free you have so much free time to conclude life is silly and look for high thread count creative noose solution. Even Milton Friedman said freedom is about buying things and not your silly democracy thought so free to ponder the being and the nothingness.

We say work and shop for discounted luxury fashion goods online KATE SPADE & BOCA TERRY & LILY SILK at cheap price and then work more and more. No time to mope. You call our dear leader for life President Xi Jinping “dictator” then you order your own execution by high thread count noose that make no sense? (Side note: can we use your bodies for “Bodies” exhibition?)

Look to us like American dream: die in expensive place using luxury products O beautiful jump off purple mountain plains? If someone you know is thinking of harming themselves, then take them shopping! What you stupid?

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