Eye-uh-rus (IRS): Birdgod of Confession

Eye-uh-rus (IRS) was a capricious birdgod who demanded confessions of “incoming” invisible money from a late-era Earth people known as the ooh-sey (USA). Millions of these confessions have been found on Earth. As depicted by its priests, Eye-uh-rus carries a scale from its huge jowl. The right side of the image promises the "swift wing" of vengeance for scofflaws; the left side offers the olive branch of peace for those who confess fully.

The significance of the scale is unknown. Some note that the ooh-sey believed they needed to “balance” the invisible money they issued. Other speculate it represents the capricious nature of Eye-uh-rus. Like the Inca, great importance was placed on astrological events. A date near the spring equinox known as “The Line of The Dead” could not be crossed without confessing to Eye-uh-rus. Similar to the Egyptians of the pyramids, complex spells were created to ward off the wrath of Eye-uh-rus while conveniently entrenching the power of the priesthood. Hundreds of different four-digit labeled forms were created by the priests. Similar to Catholic theology, the ooh-sey could receive indulgences for good works and charity. Other "credits" were more obscure and weren’t even understood by the people of Earth (such as “depletion allowances” and “intangible drilling rights”). HARMONIC DISCOVERY CAUSED RECONSIDERATION Earth was considered to be a primitive culture until a wandering spacecraft with a crude audio device was discovered. The performance of the Earth muse called “Throw-Away Little-Fruit” (also known as “Chuck Berry”) was found to have the resonant a-a4-d-e-e7 chord progression venerated by higher civilizations. XENOARCHIEOLGY OF EARTH: A SEMI-PRIMITIVE CULTURE We now believe Earth was only semi-primitive and was technologically advanced in some areas; however, blood sacrifice was still practiced and promoted by the cult of Nero (NRA) and many others.

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