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Trump Sgt. Pepper collage by Mark Linzee Rudolph

The Trump Show

A rollicking satire of Trump’s cast of characters in the tradition of SPY magazine, The National Lampoon, and Harvey Kurtzman’s Help! Meet Thuggo, the Trump Troll; see Leona Helmsley come back from the dead; Duce vs Trump smackdown. Plus a review of the glacial pace of Major League Baseball and finally, what woman could possibly resist “50 Shades of JARED?” Questionable taste. Chuckly graphics. Didactic essays. Fumetti funnies.

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Robert Moses comic by Mark Linzee Rudolph

Nu Urban Comix:

Robert Moses goes to Hell

Robert Moses tries to bulldoze Lower Manhattan; dies and  goes to hell, where even Satan finds him annoying. Satire.

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Hitler cartoon by Mark Linzee Rudolph

Bad Cartoons

Bad cartoons. Good humor! Featuring rejected New Yorker cartoons, anti-comedy, Ayncy Fritz & Luggo, and the junior American psycho himself, Channing!

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