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Directed by Mark Rudolph

War of the Words

“Once I had an idiot director for a commercial I made in England.”

     Orson Welles was referring to a voice-over session (known as the Findus Frozen Food Outtakes or “Frozen Peas”). 

     In “War of the Words,” Mark Rudolph lip-synchs both Orson Welles and The Idiot Director. This clip appeared in a slightly altered form on John Pierson’s show “Split Screen” and was aired on IFC and Bravo.


(They Live at Steak n Shake)

     The premise of Luis Bunuel’s “Exterminating Angel” (the irrational fear of leaving a place) is transported to a Midwestern Steak n Shake as carhops and rationality disappear.

The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire was inspired by Ernie Kovaks’ comedic use of inanimate objects. It also inspired outrage from Turkish commentators (although the history conforms to most Western encyclopedias). Well, good to know that a series of puns can still provoke outrage somewhere in the world.

Playlist also includes Hollywood Sucks and Fake Negative Ads.


Directed By Mark Rudolph on YouTube > 

Voice Impressions

“Hilarious! Much Variety and several styles…dead-on impressions with a lot of perceptive humor attached to them.”

--John Mainelli, former program director of WABC talk radio, New York.

A series of audio sketches with all voices performed by Mark Rudolph, including Ted Koppel, Rudolph Giuliani, Rush Limbaugh, Senator Jesse Helms, Mike Wallace and Nancy Bixby-Glassworth.

1. Rush Limbaugh

2. Nightline Parody with southern senators Strom Thurmond & Jesse Helms

3. Support the American Communication Breakdown
(WABC talk radio parody)

4. Snowpocalypse! CATACLYSM!
Snow falls in New York and the award winning news team of “Hale Bogwash” and “Nancy Bixby-Glassworth” freakout. With Mayor Giuliani, Mike Wallace, David Brinkley, indifferent cops and sanitation officials, and the Guy From The Hindenburg Disaster.

Voice Impressions on YouTube > 

Short Subjects

Short videos, most under a minute.

Retro-commercials made from original and found footage. 

1. The Kraft Melting Cheese Hour

2. Shop n Go Tote-Em Gas-Em

3. Negativland: You Must Choose (Free TV or Pay TV)

4. Univac Software for Boneheads 

5. Univac’s midcentury supercomputer 

Short Subjects on YouTube > 

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